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The Chinese and foreign star collective appearance Shanghai debut Michael Kors

Lafayette had Chanel high moved into the aircraft cabin, Dior moved to the old factory, Burbrrey took the show michael kors diaper bag into the shipyard, this time, the Michael Kors JetSet festival to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport parking apron, the show moved to private hangar, friends, you do a little airsick colonization, unloading high, then following the "have a look" is to go!

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In May 9th, Shanghai, Michael Kors started out time and again, JetSet big show finally kicked off michael kors handbags outlet in Hongqiao Airport apron. International supermodel Miranda Kerr, China supermodel Qin Shupei, Xi Mengyao, Pei Bei, appeared in one one T. In addition China actress Carina Lau, Lin Chiling, Gao Yuanyuan, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin, Anglebaby Michael Kors, a big show of the stars.

The one with the New York fashion temperament light luxury brand, a genius of the designer, to create a Michael Kors hot. The designer Michael Kors originally is the design director of French luxury Celine, as fashion reality show "Project Runway" judges, making his name make known to every family, he in the fashion circle influence. Therefore, the Shanghai show, international supermodel Miranda Kerr, michael kors outlet online supermodel have back, in addition to domestic fashion a sisters Lin Chiling, Carina Lau, Gao Yuanyuan also rushed to Shanghai to support. Not only because the designer influence in the fashion circle, but also because of exquisite design Michael Kors.

Activities at the scene, the Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr and British supermodel sexy Rosie jacking force back. Hot Mom Kerr smiling appearance, dressed in a red rose wrapped chest dress stunning the audience; Rosie is inside a michael kors outlet coupons sweater, covered with a piece of luxury fur, gorgeous domineering!

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